This last week I’ve come across some interesting things that FDT users have been up to as well as some other tutorials and scripts that many FDT fans will find interested.

I also made a quick video about block editing.

Auto Flash Class Panel

Matan Uberstein has released his Auto Flash Class Panel. As he writes:

“Class and package names are generated form your library folder structure. With one simple click your library is ready for export. Saves you the effort of right clicking on the library item going to properties, ticking the ‘export’ checkbox and typing in the package/class name.”

Hawaii Flash User Group & AssetLoader

Matan Uberstein (he’s been busy this week) also gave a presentation with the HFUG titled AssetLoader (In a Robotlegs scenario). If you missed it, I believe it was recorded. I haven’t found the link for that recording yet.  When I do I’ll post it (or if someone can post it in the comments).

Mobile & ANT

FDT Workflow and Tips

DZone has posted an article about some helpful Eclipse shortcut keys. Some are only available for JDT, but most have been replicated in FDT. I’ll probably create some videos about using these specifically in FDT.

Powerflasher Bruno Fonzi posted a question on Twitter asking FDT users if they preferred Subclipse or Subversive. A bunch of guys posted their opinion and it looks like Subclipse won out by far. I prefer Subclipse myself as well and we’ll be looking at integrating that into a future release of FDT.

Lastly, I’ve just created a video on using the new block editing that is available in the latest version of FDT/Eclipse.  I missed this feature when I used Textmate back when I first started developing Flash content.