One of the great (and sometimes madding) things about the Flash community is how prolific everyone is and we don’t stop creating and experimenting. The FDT team was offline for about a week and a half and a lot of great links and resources made their way around Twitter and the blogs. So! Without further ado….


A few older posts once again made the rounds…
Setting up FDT to look and behave like FlashDevelop came up a few times.  Steven Sack’s goes over how to setup autocompletion, colors and problems in the same way.

Getting ASDocs into FDT was very popular. Matan Uberstein’s article explains that because Flash CS5 doesn’t ship with local Actionscript documentation, you’ll have to do a workaround to get it integrating with FDT. Until we have a better solution for everyone, we suggest checking out his post.

Hawaii Flash User Group posted a project template for Away3D.

Pierre Laveklint posted a quick note on How he uses FDT’s Font Library creator.

Dave Gamez posted a Robotlegs Flash CS5 template worth checking out.

The team also came across an interesting Eclipse plugin, Perspective Switcher, that allows you to automatically switch perspectives for you while you’re editing. I haven’t played with it too much; if you have played with it let us know what you think.

General Flash Goodness

Adobe’s Molehill project is looking more and more interesting. I found this great tutorial on programming with Molehill and a cool Molehill FAQ video shot by Lee Brimelow.

There’s also this interesting article, Finding the AIR for Android Emulator Runtime – whose title pretty much sums up what it’s about.

A Demonstration of the New Storage Volume APIs in AIR 2 is a pretty cool tutorial on working with storage volumes.

Flash On Games is hosting a talk by Jobe Makar on January 4th.

Jesse Warden wrote a cool JSFL Script to Ensure Actual ActionScript Classes Exist for Symbols. The post also has two great links to some other JSFL goodness – especially one about working the Flash Professional’s Document Class.

Jonathan Campos also has a nice post about his experiences with deploying to mobile devices


Behind the scenes: Redesign is a great insight into the process of…well….doing a redesign.

A great thread on stackoverflow, List of freely available programming books, has some great resources / books to download.

Oscar Trelles of Domani Studios posted a great article on the future of tablets. Oscar is a great guy; I’ll never forget meeting him and chatting about Flash. We talked Flash and when I asked him if he was a developer at Domani he said…’well it’s my company’. It’s always cool to meet someone as casual and chill as that. I also hear that Domani is looking for a developer…..

And last but not least, Project Sprouts has hit version 1.0 beta. I’ve played with Sprouts a bit and it was fun. At the time I wanted an excuse to learn some Ruby and use the famed Gems. If you’re the same it’s a great way to get your feet wet with Ruby.