All eyes on Stechelberg: from January 26th through 28th, 2012 (Thursday – Saturday) we want to recommend you the most adventurous Flash/Flex/Mobile conference. GotoAndSki(); is an event in the Swiss Alps hosted by Fernando Colaço and David Almeida. This unique combination of boarding/skiing/sledding and conference sessions guarantees the maximum fun in the dull month of January. You will be having fun in the snow during the day and learn in sessions after the slopes are closed. Speakers include Mihai Corlan, Hugo Fernandes, Eugene Zatepyakin, Mario Klingemann, Tom Krcha, Steven Peeters, Peter Elst, and Dominic Graefen. Michael Plank will be speaking as well, so you won’t need to cut back on chatting about FDT 🙂 .

Still not convinced? Have a look at the photographs from last year.
Tickets are still available.