We are proud to announce our next great and big update for FDT 5. Right now it’s a beta version but the final release is planned very soon. It will be a free update for all FDT 5 customers. We added some great new features to this “major minor release” and we’re sure you’ll like them. The main feature we integrated is the new community feature “SWF Bridge”. It allows you to write your own FDT Plug-Ins in ActionScript. Nearly everything is possible, so check out Alan’s blogpost and get started with your first official FDT Plug-In. But there is a lot more in it:

New Features

  • SWFBridge
  • Blackberry Integration
  • ANE Support
  • FDT Setup Wizard
  • Conditional Breakpoints
  • Instance Breakpoints
  • Exception Breakpoints
  • Selectable Debugger SDK
  • Quick Fix to generate a getter and/or setter at Class-Instance
  • Quick Assist to generate a getter and/or setter at Class-Instance
  • Enable choosing the default view player for debug/run dialog


  • Automatically rename fields when create getters and setters.
  • Change field to private after setter/getter generation
  • QuickFix for new code should take priority over Assist
  • Profile & Debug without compiling
  • Flexible SDK setups
  • New Project Templates
  • New Project Template Featuers
  • Set default for haXe Flash projects to AVM 2
  • Captive runtime GUI support
  • Change Exit Postion For ‘Create Field In Class…’
  • Update haXe SDK OSX, Linux & Win to 2.08
  • Update Neko OSX, Linux & Win to 1.8.2

Known issues can be found in our Jira.

New License Management

We also added a complete new license management to support a highly requested new licensing model: subscriptions. With the new license management FDT will verify the key with a license server on our side. A blogpost with detailed information will be released a few days before the final release.


Update: FDT 5.5 is about to be released; we have disabled the download of the beta to avoid confusion. Stay tunned everyone!

To download the FDT 5.5 Beta just go to our special code site and enter the special code FDT55BETA. An E-Mail with a beta license key (valid until May 8th) and the download links will be send to you right after registration.


If you find any bugs or other issues during the beta test please let us know in the Jira.

We wish you a lot of fun testing the new version and are excited to hear your feedback.

Happy coding!