Last week, Adobe announced Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming and the news was received with mixed reviews by the community. This mixed reaction concerns us because a healthy Flash ecosystem is very important to the FDT team. We would like to state how we feel about this announcement with the hope that our opinion will help strengthen the Flash community.

The FDT team finds it reassuring whenever Adobe reaffirms it’s commitment to the Flash Platform and the announcement of Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming does just that. For quite some time, we all have known that Flash is a great platform for creating successful games; now Adobe is publicly supporting this opinion by making it part of their business model.

Whenever a company makes a business stake in a market, it then automatically has a vested interest in the success of that market. For example, FDT makes tools for interactive developers but our success does not solely rely on us delivering a quality product for customers to purchase. Because the product we make is part of a larger ecosystem (Flash), we automatically have a vested interest in the success of that Platform – even though making it successful is not our chief responsibility.

We give away ‘FDT Free’ at no charge because we want every Flash developer to have access to a quality Flash IDE; however, we still want to be able to improve both FDT Free and FDT Max. We are a team who has made FDT a part of our livelihood. This means we have to make difficult decisions when balancing between making FDT accessible to everyone and allowing us to come back to work each morning. No doubt, Adobe is in the same position and this is why moves such as Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming make sense. Adobe wants to continue to be able to support the Flash Platform by having dedicated engineers work on it – engineers who have staked their livelihood on coming to work every day to make Flash better.

Adobe has put their money where their mouth is and has placed a very real and powerful stamp of approval on Flash gaming. Publishers will see this and any ambiguity regarding Flash will melt away. When it comes time for a team to decide if their new game will be built using Flash, there will be no doubt that it can be successful – because Adobe has already stated that it can.

We hope our point of view strikes a chord with some community members. The FDT team is looking forward to what lies ahead for Flash gaming and what popular and successful games will come from it.