Aiming to deliver the best product for the interactive community is an ongoing goal for us. Our process is simple: listen to customers, think about their needs and all the while looking ahead to see what is on the horizon.

Our goal and process has lead us to bring FDT to a new level:  FDT will become a version-less IDE.

While platforms evolve with new features and capabilities, the community will never again have to wait for an IDE to have a major release before benefiting from them. Updates will be often, even weekly. These updates won’t only apply to new features, but also to bug fixes and performance improvements. The team can now incorporate community feedback faster and we can all build the IDE everyone wants.

To achieve this, FDT will become a subscription only based software. Besides allowing customers to work flexibly, a subscription service allows us to skip the distraction of prepping major releases; instead, we can focus just on making FDT great. There is a subscription for every need: monthly or for 3, 6, 12 or even 24 months. If you have already been subscribing to FDT 5, your license will transfer over to the new FDT with no problems. Simply install the new version of FDT from our download site, enter your license key, and you are good to go.

The FDT team will continue to be transparent and open with the community. We encourage all enthusiastic developers to work with us to continuously shape FDT.

New Features!

Along with the new update functionality, we’ve added new features and improvements.

For more info, and a complete set of improvements & bug fixes, check out the release notes.