Over the years, learning more about using FDT and getting help when you need it has changed quite a bit. FDT started as a tool which was used by a small group of Flash developers. Since it was used by such a small group, help and support was communicated via word of mouth. As FDT changed and grew,  so did how it helped and supported customers.  With FDT 3, a dedicated support service was added which gave customers fast access to the core team. With Max Support, customers would get rich answers promptly.

Since then, FDT has not only grown and changed more still, so has the Internet and how communities and brands communicate. While FDT 4 was being developed a bug tracking system, JIRA, was introduced. This was a great way for customers to file bugs and feature requests. After the release of FDT 4, the FDT team took to Facebook, G+ and Twitter to engage with customers more. With FDT 5, stackoverflow became the primary way for the team and community to support knowledge seekers.

With the the release of FDT 5, there was a wide array of options for support: sales, max support, JIRA, stackoverflow, Twitter, G+ and Facebook. We’ve monitored all these channels, seeing what customers used and what they didn’t. We did this because we knew we had too many channels open. We wanted to consolidate our support channels for the best effect. For example, we only get a very, very small amount of emails a week via our Max support. Often, these requests are the same: Trouble with installing, working behind a firewall, how to deactivate a license… The interesting part is, the solutions to these problems are almost always very simple; however, since customers are  not sure where the best place to get help, they reach out to support and have to wait for our team to get their request, process it and then answer. If this is blocking your project, this is particularly frustrating.

Wouldn’t it be great if the answer was just a ‘net search away….?

That is why the FDT team is now consolidating support to these channels:

Have a great idea, cool project to show or just want to say hi? Use Twitter, G+ or Facebook!

Have a question about billing or making a purchase? Contact Sales!

Think you found a bug or have an idea for a feature request? Use JIRA!

Need help using FDT or having a problem getting set up? Use stackoverflow!

Stackoverflow is something we’re particularly happy about. It’s a great platform for community members to post questions, have those questions answered and even have those answers easily improved over time! Before, when we get questions via support, the answer almost always already exists on stackoverflow.Why wait for a support ticket to get processed when the answer is already found on the web?

We hope this exaplains things well. We also understand that it feels great to get a personal response and have the feeling of personal attention. If you are having trouble getting help via stackoverflow, make a post and then contact us over Twitter, G+ or Facebook. With a simple: “Hey guys, does anyone know how to do this [enter  stackoverflow question here]?” directed at us or the community, will ensure a timely response.