Easter is coming up and we have a surprise that many of you waited for. It´s been a while since we’ve changed our development cycle from yearly major releases to each-iteration-releases and we had to switch to subscription-only. But we’ve worked on a new key for a special promotion:

The new FDT (6th version) + 12 Months updates (incl. version 7) and the key is not expiring!

Just during the Easter period you can purchase a non-expiring license of FDT. Till April 7th, you will get the latest FDT including all 13 missed updates (since FDT 5.6), as well as all upcoming future updates for the next 12 months.

FDT Happy Easter special:

Upgrade from FDT 5.6 (299€ / 399$): Upgrade Now!
Full license (399€ / 518$): Buy Now!

If you have an older version of FDT or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.