Since FDT can also be installed as a plugin on the latest Eclipse IDE, the FDT Team also looks ahead and tests against the latest Eclipse releases.

In Eclipse Juno the installation of the Subversive SVN plugin has changed a bit. The SVNKit/JavaHL selection screen no more appears right after the Subversive installation finishes so the SVN connectors need to be installed separately.

Following steps will help you to get Subversive going:

  • Install Subversive from the Juno update site
    You can find it under Collaboration > Subversive SVN Team Provider
  • Add Subversive Connector update site from Available Software Sites > Add…
    Define the Update site name of your liking and use for the location.
  • Install Subversive SVN Connector by choosing the added Subversive SVN Connector update site, e.g. Subversive SVN Connectors > SVNKit 1.3.8 Implementaton (Optional).
    NB! If the SVN server you’re using runs SVN 1.7, make sure to select the respective SVNKit 1.7.x Implementation.

Useful references:

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