After 9 years, we now reached FDT Milestone 9!

We worked hard to improve your Coding Comfort and keep FDT up to your daily coding requirements.

Since our last years milestone we´ve built a lot of new key features for you:

  • Speed up incremental build and full build
  • Relevant matches for search through implementations
  • Extract Interface
  • Property Delegation Methods – learn more here
  • Show warning for breakpoints, stack frames, and instruction pointers out of sync
  • AIR Application Root Directory for debugging
  • Save password in workspace
  • Path variables in credential paths
  • Debug: Reveal Variable
  • Auto Completion: Eating Mode
  • QuickFix for method signature the implements interface
  • Return Quick Assist
  • For Loop Quick Assist
  • Context Call Quick Assist
  • Convenient Property Profile Value Handling
  • Single Test Runner Annotation
  • Extract Superclass
  • Additionally we´ve included 70 new features & improvements, as well as 69 bug fixes in Milestone 9. You can learn more about them in detail at our release notes.

    But we got even more got news for you if FDT Free is not enough:

    Spring has officially arrived and with its arrival come some good news for our dollar currency users: You can now take advantage of the currently weak € and get FDT for a better dollar price.
    These are our new subscription $-prices:

  • 25$ per month for 24 month subscription (Non-expiring option available)
  • 35$ per month for 12 month subscription (Non-expiring option available)
  • 45$ per month for 6 month subscription
  • 49$ per month for 3 month subscription
  • 55$ for our monthly subscription
  • So if you haven’t upgraded to the latest FDT, now would be a good time 🙂