This FDT release supports the new FlexJS Compiler of Apache FlexJS 0.5 SDK (More details you can see here).

This FlexJS Compiler compiles an ActionScript project into JavaScript for Browsers. The included js.swc describes the typical JavaScript environment of a Browser as ActionScript classes and interfaces.

This way you could benefit from type safety, error markers and auto-completion to increase your code quality on the ActionScript side and also of the universality of JavaScript usable in a variety of platforms on the target side.

A new template is available for ActionScript projects with target Web JavaScript:
ASJSC_NewProject The template Web-JSC requires the Apache FlexJS SDK 0.5.
The template generates this project structure:
ASJSC_ProjectStructure The JavaScript library js.swc is within the classpath of the new ActionScript project.

To start compilation and a test run simply select file and click Run/Debug As/FDT SWF Application:

Now you could select between two launch configurations already prepared by the template:
They only differ which output (release or debug) you want to launch in the browser.

The console will show the compilation to JavaScript:

After compilation the JavaScript application is launched in the browser:

The compilation output is located in the bin-folder:
ASJSC_ProjectStructure_AfterCompilation Inside the bin-folder the two versions of JavaScript output is available:

A readable version (js-debug) which can be used to debug the JavaScript Code inside the Browser and the compact release version (js-release). Both outputs are always generated during compilation.