FDT Standalone based on Eclipse Mars

With this new release FDT Standalones are based on Eclipse Mars. Kepler and Luna based FDT Standalones are still available.



We have added some convenience for users customizing their project templates. The source of the project templates is now customizable:NewProjectWizard

By clicking on the link default templates directory the following dialog opens:TemplatesDirectory_DefaultHere you can choose the source of the project templates. The default templates directory varies according to the operating system. For windows the templates are placed inside the user’s AppData directory.

In this case the user has chosen a non-existent directory:TemplatesDirectory_NotFoundBy using Initialize… the user needs to confirm that the directory will be created and filled with the default project templates:TemplatesDirectory_Initialize

After successful initialization the directory will have this structure:TemplatesDirectory_Structure

The project wizard reloads the templates and offers them for selection:NewProjectWizard_CustomTemplatesDirectoryIn case you change some templates you can manually reload the templates by clicking the second link refresh.


More Informative

During development it is often required to be absolutely sure about UTF codes inside source. Now the AS3 editor shows current character and its UTF code:CurrentPosition_UTF_16_Code

Additionally the new string hover interprets strings as ActionScipt 3 will do and shows them as HTML output and as UTF hex code table with each character:StringInterpretationHoverThe table shows invisible characters with gray background.