With this new FDT Release build path entries could be marked as test resource.

A test resource is usually only included during compilation for a Flex Unit test run.
Any build path entry can be turned into a test resource:ProjectBuildPathTestResourceTypically all Flex Unit libraries and the test source folder are marked as test resources.

The project compiler properties page contains a new option to include test resources:image43By default this option is off since normal project launches usually do not require test resources.

Also the compiler arguments tab of launch configurations contains the option for test resource inclusion:FlexUnitLauncherDetailedCompilerArgumentsBy default it is inactive.

Additionally the compiler arguments tab contains a further option to force inclusion of test resources which will override the project compiler properties:FlexUnitLauncherCompilerArgumentsTypically Flex Unit test launch configurations require the test resources to be included and so for them the option is active by default.

In other launch configurations this option is inactive by default:SWFLauncherCompilerArguments