Often project packages are named after company web addresses or company department structures so that package names usually contains a standard prefix:NoPackageAbbreviationFdtExplorer
In further developed projects package names are even longer and only the last parts carries information. Lots of space in FDT Explorer is used up in flat package layout to present these long names and also horizontal scrolling can become necessary.

In these situations the preference setting for package name abbreviation can be very handy:PackageAbbreviation
Here the package com.powerflasher.SampleApp will be represented by c.p.s.

Now the FDT Explorer shows only the abbreviations instead of full package names:PackageAbbreviationFdtExplorer
All package names with matching prefixes are reduced by the rule given in the preferences.

The hierarchical package layout is not change by abbreviations.PackageAbbreviationFdtExploreHierarchical