Help us make upcoming FDT 4 updates even better.

FDT is community driven. We collect all your feedback and use it to make FDT fit the community’s needs. We’ve published upcoming builds of FDT in the past and now want to take it a step further and release our builds on a regular basis. We’ll be using this site to provide you with information on how FDT Beta works and how you can contribute.

The more feedback we get from users, the more we can enhance FDT!

Using FDT Beta

We only deploy a stable, release version when we have used your feedback to create a high quality build. While Beta versions of FDT include the latest features and enchancments, they are considered unstable. Even though most users who use a Beta version of FDT will have not have any problems, it shouldn’t be used for any critical projects.

Downloading FDT Beta

FDT Beta can be downloaded either as a standalone or via FDT’s update site. To ensure that you’re current workflow for ongoing projects isn’t disrupted, we suggest installing the standalone FDT Beta separately from your production version of FDT.

Download FDT Beta for Windows

Download FDT Beta for OSX

Learn more about installing FDT Beta as a standalone or via FDT’s update site.

How Our Versioning Works

We use a popular numbering system most of you are already familiar with:


An important part of a FDT Beta release is the build number. This build number is how we keep track of For example, is a beta build for 4.1.0. When searching for or logging bugs in JIRA, pay particular attention to the build number you are working with.

Learn more about FDT’s versioning.

Logging Bugs Via JIRA

If you think you found a bug, first go to JIRA and see if it’s already been logged.  If it hasn’t file a new one.  When logging a bug with FDT Beta, it’s particularly important to include the build number.

Learn more about using JIRA and logging bugs.

Version Notes & Changes

FDT 4.1

  • Additional FDT ANT targets that help with testing and deploying your applications
  • Improved Linux support
  • Autocompletion for type reference in Metadata
  • More features and bug fixes
  • A full list of changes can be found here on JIRA.