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Asdoc view header.png FDT's ASDoc view enables developers to easily read large pieces of documentation. Asdoc view.png


Showing ASDoc View

Window Menu

If your ASDoc View isn't already visible you can add it via Window>Show View>Other>FDT>ASDoc View. Asdoc view 01.png Asdoc view 02.png

ASDoc Icon

You can also open the ASDoc view by clicking on the ASDoc icon at the bottom on the ASDoc popup. Asdoc view 03.png

Keyboard & Mouse

Still another way is to open it using your keyboard and mouse. The default keystroke to show the view is CTRL+SHIFT+F1. Asdoc view 04.png

Navigating To Source

Another powerful feature of the ASDoc view is being able to jump to the source file which the ASDoc View is referencing. This can be easily done by clicking on the 'open declaration' icon at the bottom of the ASDoc View. Nav to source code.png

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