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FDT’s SWFBridge is a platform that allows developers to use Actionscript & Flex to create new features and to extend FDT's existing features.

The FDT team strongly believes in transparency, sharing and open source. With these principals in mind, we have open sourced the API of the plugin as well as provided a few demos and examples. We encourage the community to create and share what they build as well as provide us feedback on how it can be better. Due to our Open Source program we can also offer free Max licenses to Open Source FDT PlugIn developers.


What you can do...


  • Build Your Own Views

    Create your own view panels such as asset viewers or GUI controls that can directly manipulate your code.

  • Customize Quick Fixes & Quick Assists

    Hook into FDT's Quick Fix functionality to add your own. With a single keystroke you can edit your code in anyway you like.

  • Create Your Own Framework Plugin

    Use Robotlegs, Signals or Tweenlite? Create your own custom plugins with support for specific frameworks: code generators, file managers...the possibilities are endless.

  • Integrated Workflow

    We've added custom project templates and launchers so you can easily get started creating plugins.

  • Easily Share Your Plugins

    Simply drop your plugins into a folder and the next time FDT starts, your plugin is ready to go.

  • Build Your Own Workflow

    With SWFBridge, you or your team can create your own tools for a custom workflow. Create level editors, component layout editors, asset modifies - anything you can think of.