I’ve been a web developer for many years, mainly creating interactive content and eLearning tools using Flash and the Flash IDE. I had dabbled with Flash Develop for some of its extra coding hints but had mainly stuck with the Flash IDE… I just didn’t know any better!Then a couple of years ago I was introduced to FDT by Hoss Gifford (http://hossgifford.com/) who ran a free AS3 course. I was blown away! I never knew programming could be like this!!! It was a while before I had another opportunity to do an AS3 project but at the end of last year I landed an excellent project to create a touchscreen application for AIR which would be shown on 5 massive touch screen as part of an exhibition for Glasgow Science Center._MG_2853_450x300I already knew the workflow with FDT and had an idea that it would save me time, although how much time I was yet to discover! It was without hesitation that I leapt at the chance to do a project using this platform. It was the first time out in the real world using the tool, and the buck stopped with me! With AS3 there is a lot of code to write up front, but I quickly found that it was so much quicker with FDT! It does so much for you in terms of code completion, your headspace is kept clear of clutter to think of the important things like the logic and structure. You can quickly have basic structures up and running so that you can get into the meaty bits. You don’t even need to think about imports anymore, it will intelligently add just the correct ones! The renaming of class and function names is so easy, simply rename them appropriately and watch the changes ripple through your code updating all references. This ability to make sure your class and function names remain relevant is another fantastic time saving… comments? Who needs them when you have appropriately named classes and functions!_MG_2782_450x300Now, this was also the first time I had ever made an application which would be on all day every day with many people using it. I thought I had written my code pretty well, nicely deleted objects after use and kept things tidy. However, first day of testing and within an hour of being used by kids it was dying on its feet… panic stations! At this point, had been using the Flash IDE I would have been lost. Trying to track down the issue blindly, guessing where the memory leak was happening. Thankfully, with FDT I could use the profiling tools to track down the problem in a very logical and precise manner and it literally saved the project. In case you are interested I had to employ recycling techniques: saving a pool of objects and reusing them where required. In the space of 1 weekend I systematically changed the entire structure of the application under the hood seamlessly. I had the satisfaction of watching the little profiling graphs leveling off and breathed a massive sigh of relief! I could never have done this without the profiling tools and the refactoring capabilities of FDT, it would have taken much longer and no doubt there would have been accidental loose ends causing infuriating problems! Its a time AND sanity saver!_MG_2810_450x300Using FDT makes you feel like a good programmer! It helps you get into good habits by the little reminders when syntax is not ideally constructed, and you can tell immediately when an error occurs, even which classes the error now is! In fact its so clever it makes it hard to actually make mistakes! _MG_2925_450x300Займы круглосуточно rusbankinfo.ru. Взять круглосуточный микрозайм