Basic AS3 Tutorial

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Beginning with FDT4, creating AS3 projects has never been easier. FDT 4 now features powerful template management that are designed to help developers get up and running in a flash.

If you haven't installed and created your workspace yet, check out the Installing and Running FDT tutorial to guide you through the process.

Once you have FDT open, you have a few different ways of creating a new project. You can click "Create new Flash Project" via the Welcome Screen, right click in the Flash Explorer and choose 'New Flash Project' or choose 'New Flash Project' from the 'File>New menu' ( OSX ). Right away you'll see FDT's new Project Template Wizard open. Give the project a new name, 'AS3 Project' will work fine, and let's stick with choosing 'Empty AS3 Project'. When a valid project name has been added and a project template has been selected, the 'Finish' button will highlight. Click finish to continue.

Now we can see our project within the Flash Explorer. Click on the little arrow next to the project icon to expand the project's contents. Here you can see a basic FDT Project setup. This top 'SDK' icon tells us the Project Type

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