Building Standalone Applications With FDT & Zinc 4.0

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(Download & Install The FDT Zinc Template)
(Getting Started)
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=Creating A Zinc Project=
After installing the template, create a new project.

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Fdt zinc.gif Zinc Builder is a powerful tool for using your existing AS3 and MXML skills to create desktop (and kiosk) applications for platforms such as OSX and Windows.

This tutorial will give a short introduction to using Zinc builder and FDT.



Getting Started

Download & Install Zinc Builder

Get started by downloading Zinc builder and then installing it (all you have to do is expand the zip file). - Zinc 4.0 - The Ultimate SWF2EXE for Flash & Flex 2.png
Zinc 002.png
Zinc 004.png

Download & Install The FDT Zinc Template

While this step is optional, many will find it helpful when doing Zinc development.

Download soruce files.png

After downloading the template (above) place it in your FDT home folder.

Zinc 003.png
Zinc 005.png

Creating A Zinc Project

After installing the template, create a new project. Zinc 006.png

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