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=== RIM Blackberry Playbook ===
=== RIM Blackberry Playbook ===
*[ Using FDT 4.5 with new BlackBerry Tablet OS 1.1 SDK]  (Scott Blackburn)
*[ Ant scripts for Blackberry Playbook development] (Richard Lord)  
*[ Ant scripts for Blackberry Playbook development] (Richard Lord)  
*[ FDT and Playbook Resources]  (Scott Blackburn)  
*[ FDT and Playbook Resources]  (Scott Blackburn)  

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FDT is more than just an IDE. It is a community of amazing contributors from around the world, including volunteers and Powerflasher employees, who work with each other to advance the interests of the better Flash and Flex development environment. Here you can find a selection of invaluable tutorials written by the FDT Team and the Community.

A collection of resources for FDT users including project templates, code snippets, Ant scripts, sample projects, color themes and more on GitHub

Check also welovefdt, a community driven project with a collection of best blogs/articles/tutorials about FDT


Multiscreen: Targeting Mobile Devices


Google Android

RIM Blackberry Playbook

Apple iOS

Game Development in FDT

Adobe AIR support

Font Library Creator

Getting Started

Adobe Flash Professional Creative Suite Workflow

Code Templates

Linux Support

Project Templates

Ant Integration


Productivity Tips

Debugger & Profiler


External Tools & Frameworks

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