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=FDT 4.1=
==New Features==
*New Ant Tasks
==Bug Fixes==
=FDT 4.0=
=FDT 4.0=
==Installation / Setup Changes==
==Installation / Setup Changes==

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FDT 4.0

Installation / Setup Changes

The Project Templates directory for OSX has been moved to 'User/Library/Application Support/FDT'


  • [FDT-873] - print margin should be disabled by default
  • [FDT-878] - "Run in same JRE" as default when running Ant
  • [FDT-1131] - No option for function return type white space in ActionScript Formatter
  • [FDT-1190] - Actionscript formatter indentation for oneliner expresions
  • [FDT-1191] - Settings folder should go in ~/Library/Application Support/
  • [FDT-1234] - Show Print Margin option should be off by default
  • [FDT-1244] - Remove compiler infos from incremental build
  • [FDT-1261] - Trial Mode
  • [FDT-1310] - Formatter setting for whitespace after if
  • [FDT-1311] - "Run Last Launched" activated by default

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-780] - FDT forgets settings after restart
  • [FDT-990] - Init outline throws error when closing editor
  • [FDT-1063] - Occurence marking marks whole file
  • [FDT-1082] - spelling mistake in Preferences > General > Keys
  • [FDT-1086] - Exception while opening project - restart of eclipse needed
  • [FDT-1102] - Installer Screen 2 (Choose Install Folder) UI bug
  • [FDT-1104] - "Path to SDK is invalid" upon initial install
  • [FDT-1132] - Formatter settings without initial values
  • [FDT-1151] - Add Linked Resources while Project Creating
  • [FDT-1159] - fdt icons and splash screen lost when updating
  • [FDT-1181] - Move refactoring does not update import statements in MXML <fx:Script> blocks
  • [FDT-1198] - autoformatter fails on post-increment operator
  • [FDT-1204] - AS Formatter: Auto-completion causes line breaks to be added
  • [FDT-1230] - FDT cannot bind and throws errors if event metadata type cannot be resolved and type is used in MXML
  • [FDT-1238] - FDT Font Library isn't creating SWC/SWF when hitting Create Library
  • [FDT-1239] - Formatter formattes badly if there is a certain syntax error in file - missing error recovery
  • [FDT-1240] - Show in Flash Explorer (F2) does not work for types within SWC
  • [FDT-1251] - Typo in preference page "MXML Formatter" tab "Tags" -> Algin should be Align
  • [FDT-1257] - Since RC1 all text inputs in ExternalSWFViewer are entered twice
  • [FDT-1267] - By pressing the "Create interface" icon within the iconbar an "Unhandled event loop exception" occurs
  • [FDT-1268] - cmd-R search not working
  • [FDT-1271] - Lables at search result view for MXML states is broken
  • [FDT-1277] - Script tag improperly created on auto completion
  • [FDT-1288] - FDT internal information is shipped to customers
  • [FDT-1289] - WelcomeScreen will connect to Logger
  • [FDT-1294] - Wrong error marker for non visual element in MXML
  • [FDT-1295] - Content of RichText component must not be formatted
  • [FDT-1304] - Run/Debug does not work anymore
  • [FDT-1307] - Strange Line across code
  • [FDT-1313] - Public vars in classes marked Bindable should count as interface implementations
  • [FDT-1314] - Autocompletion of classes in MXML script does not add related import
  • [FDT-1316] - Binding declaration as MXML element shown as error
  • [FDT-1321] - Two-way binding recognized as error
  • [FDT-1339] - Space In Project Name Prevents Open in Browser and ANT build

Known issues


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