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To update to the latest FDT version follow the instructions in our FAQ otherwise you can download the latest FDT here.


FDT 4.3

New Features


  • Error and Warning Markings In Editor Tabs



  • Expand & Minimize Flash Explorer Selection

Expand shrink.png

  • Text Coloring For AutoComplete and Quick Fix Pop-ups

Style arrows.png

  • New Class Wizard Adds Necessary Imports


Bug Fixes

See list of bug fixes here

Known Issues

DependencyVisualizer throws exceptions Classpath is not taken into account (ActionScript) Path to font is stored as absolute path

FDT 4.2

Note: Updating to FDT 4.2 will ask you for your FDT4 username and license key. Make sure to have it handy.

New Features


  • [FDT-1710] 64-Bit support.
  • [FDT-1709] Switch to Eclipse 3.6 (Helios).
  • [FDT-830] Option to trigger code assist on every keystroke.
  • [FDT-1663] Hierarchical view is default for Flash Explorer.
  • [FDT-1040] Add Linked Libraries with the FDT project template system.
  • [FDT-1196] Post ANT file for Project Templates.
  • [FDT-1195] Project Templates with Variables.
  • [FDT-1426] Show Warning in Welcome Screen if no Debug Player available.

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-1808] After selecting "Open in new Window" in Flash explorer there is no way to return to hole workspace view
  • [FDT-1367] Cannot open External SWF Viewer.
  • [FDT-1352] External SWF Viewer needs two clicks until he gets Keyboard input.
  • [FDT-780] FDT forgets settings after restart.
  • [FDT-1726] File could not be parsed (mxml).
  • [FDT-1799] Organize import error: "An internal error has occurred. Overlapping text edits".
  • [FDT-1035] Requires that semi colon not be at end of 'include', MXMLC is fine with one.
  • [FDT-1290] SKip all breakpoints does not work.
  • [FDT-1113] Vector assignment can be misread by FDT as bigger-equal operation.
  • [FDT-434] When using the "implement all unimplemented methods" quickfix in AS3 the order of the methods in the interface is not respected.
  • [FDT-1333] Declaring namespace within function shows up error.
  • [FDT-1779] Prompted to enter key on start up.

FDT 4.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-1768] NullPointerException occours when running an AIR Application Release.
  • [FDT-1769] The Description.xml file for AIR projects is overwritten upon each build.
  • [FDT-1740] Quotes within compiler arguments are filtered in the build process.

FDT 4.1.1

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-1708] AutoComplete doesn't cancel.
  • [FDT-1699] AutoComplete menu is getting stuck, E.g. not refreshing as you type
  • [FDT-1677] Desktop shortcut on Mac still says "FDT 4 Enterprise"
  • [FDT-1716] Fully qualified name of class not detected in Event Metadata
  • [FDT-1723] Host Component gets not resolved
  • [FDT-1706] Embed metadata tags source unresolvable file reference, doesn't understand '/' as a root in the path

FDT 4.1

New Features

  • Color Code Highlighter

Color viewer.png

  • Ant Exporter

Ant export.png

  • New Ant Task (loadProjectProperties)

New ant tasks edit.png

  • CamelCase Auto-completion

Camel case.png

  • Create XFL Files

My fla.png

  • Quick Fix: Create new MXML Class

Mxml qf.png

  • Quick Assist: Color Picker

Color picker.png

  • Quick Assist: Toggle Open and Close MXML tags

Open close.png

  • Quick Fix/Quick Assist switch
  • Metadata type auto-completion & move refactoring


  • [FDT-98] Linux version of FDT
  • [FDT-993] Quick Fix : Auto open/close MXML tags
  • [FDT-1246] Support for MXML attributes with type mx.core.IFactory
  • [FDT-1299] Auto-completion and binding for types in itemRenderer + skinClass
  • [FDT-1431] Build Number in About screen
  • [FDT-1460] Disable Beta Update Site per default
  • [FDT-1462] Auto-completion for type reference in Metadata
  • [FDT-274] Namespaces (xmlns) in MXML do not get updated on refactoring/renaming
  • [FDT-1528] Add an option to add new Adobe Air Launch arguments for devices
  • [FDT-1094] Organize imports doesn't work in mxml files.
  • [FDT-1298] Auto-completion for interfaces in MXML not working correctly
  • [FDT-1323] Quick Fix: Create new MXML
  • [FDT-1503] Show only 30 elements in Variables view when debugging
  • [FDT-1587] CamelCase completion for constants
  • [FDT-1574] Add autocomplete for state names in MXML 'Transition' tags
  • [FDT-1305] Be able to create new MXML Class under src folder
  • [FDT-1354] Position cursor inside of () when autocompleting Array.push() or Vector.push()
  • [FDT-1468] When creating a new project it should be automaticly expanded in the flash explorer
  • [FDT-237] Misleading confirmation message on "Organize Imports"

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-1549] fdt.launch.library without auto-add-classpath fails when set manually
  • [FDT-1343] Debugger does not highlight/follow lines in editor.
  • [FDT-1358] Plug-in repository errors on Windows
  • [FDT-1457] Weird problem with liked resources
  • [FDT-60] Conditional Compilation Warnings
  • [FDT-1278] Failure launching project on any Viewer
  • [FDT-1463] Hero SDK is not working
  • [FDT-955] Error at Full build / Error at Incremental build
  • [FDT-1318] FDT can't parse some SWCs
  • [FDT-890] Incompatible types string and string
  • [FDT-894] Problem with conditional operators in html text strings
  • [FDT-1194] Rename refactoring doesn't work for private class
  • [FDT-1236] Autoformat with Class Template
  • [FDT-1270] Importing a class outside of a package throws an error
  • [FDT-1275] Empty error description when launching missing launch config/deleted launch config not removed from launch history
  • [FDT-1283] Organize Imports, gets internal error
  • [FDT-1284] Error while refactoring a package containing 3 packages with several classes
  • [FDT-1312] Auto building workspace takes forever
  • [FDT-1324] memory Snapshot Exeption fault #2105
  • [FDT-1347] Extends MXML's missing namespaces
  • [FDT-1348] IVisualElement cast to IVisualElement
  • [FDT-1350] Creating font library swf issue: Class mx.core::FontAsset could not be found
  • [FDT-1363] Error on mx component stating that it is a non-visual element
  • [FDT-1365] Links in FDT are opened in Text Editor
  • [FDT-1375] When deleting an .swc file from the project it remains within the class path
  • [FDT-1376] Profiler unexpectedly terminates
  • [FDT-1386] Moving/Renaming Classes completely fails in FDT4
  • [FDT-1388] 400+ Threads and increase
  • [FDT-1391] Trouble compiling a Flex app from identical MXML files when not located in the workspace src vs a linked src path.
  • [FDT-1401] Refactor: Move doesn't work from folder A to folder B representing the same package.
  • [FDT-1403] Refactor: Rename doesn't work of private classes
  • [FDT-1404] Refactor: Move of packages doesn't work
  • [FDT-1405] Refactor: Move changes Reference to wrong Class
  • [FDT-1409] Search for reference not working with MXML
  • [FDT-1412] Renaming SWC's name that is in classpath does not updates com.powerflasher.fdt.classpath
  • [FDT-1418] Quickfix "Create setter" is error prone
  • [FDT-1419] Auto implement a method of Interface bug with default argument value
  • [FDT-1421] Auto-completion inside unclosed strings is completely broken
  • [FDT-1422] Profiler won’t connect to AIR Applications
  • [FDT-1428] SDKs get unzipped when creating a new project instead of during splashscreen
  • [FDT-1439] AC for interface within package does not work in implements tag
  • [FDT-1443] Parser doesn't parse curly brackets' content inside mx:Model correctly
  • [FDT-1466] MXML header error
  • [FDT-1474] CamelCase for any completions is broken
  • [FDT-1478] FDT crashes if imports should be organized for classes with wrong package paths
  • [FDT-1480] Comma separated variable declarations outside package declaration should parse
  • [FDT-1482] After update doesnt found the SA Flash Player Debug
  • [FDT-1506] Comments at specific positions in MXML cause wrong error marker
  • [FDT-1512] COMPC api fails to compile library if source pathes contains underscore
  • [FDT-1513] Impossible to use qoute in ANT library task
  • [FDT-1514] incompatible types dou to wrong import order
  • [FDT-1521] "Apply" button in compiler arguments inside the launch configuration won't get enabled when changing checkbox for "Auto add classpath to arguments"
  • [FDT-1522] {project} variable does not work when "auto add main class to arguments" in not used but main class is added manually
  • [FDT-1523] Metadata does not accept plain identifier as parameter
  • [FDT-1237] Organize Imports not working / throwing exceptions
  • [FDT-1476] Rename refactoring throws error when option "Enable working in linked libraries" is activated.
  • [FDT-1564] No Error/Warning for incorrect Embed source path
  • [FDT-1315] hostComponent not recognized in Spark skins
  • [FDT-1232] Allow cdata in Metadata
  • [FDT-1582] Color Picker should only occur for "0x[??]??????" or "#[??]??????" number forms
  • [FDT-1536] import flash.utils.getQualifiedClassName; in template causes Organize Imports to throw errors for future use
  • [FDT-972] Profiler does nothing, graps and live objects stay empty
  • [FDT-1545] Classname provided as setter
  • [FDT-1497] Not able to "Create new Flash Project" either from the pulldown menu, from Welcome screen or by right-clicking on the Flash Exlorer window.
  • [FDT-1588] New FLA file created from FDT (file/New/Fla) cannot be opened in Flash CS4/CS5 IDE
  • [FDT-1010] Profiler not working in FDT PlugIn version
  • [FDT-1613] CamelCase Auto Completion does not work any more
  • [FDT-1541] mssing package in generate font library as ActionScript
  • [FDT-1602] Limited debugging in Linux
  • [FDT-1612] Refactoring of packages fails
  • [FDT-1393] Missing AutoComplete in content Tag
  • [FDT-1588] Project Templates not showing up in FDT 4.1 (Beta)
  • [FDT-1595] Duplicate entries in Problems Preferences of MXML
  • [FDT-1597] getter in interface with arguments does not show an error
  • [FDT-1594] Quick Fix - Interfaces
  • [FDT-1591] conditional compilation: unable to define a string constant
  • [FDT-1413] Organize import error
  • [FDT-1569] Organize import (still) fails.
  • [FDT-1571] Changing type in LinkedUI when creating field/var always breaks for suggested types
  • [FDT-856] Organize imports adding empty line for each import
  • [FDT-1156] Organize imports fails in PureMVC classes
  • [FDT-1626] Organize imports from project explorer hangs FDT
  • [FDT-1535] Further editing is not allowed when I use the short cut Ctrl + Shift + D
  • [FDT-1540] NPE when using QuickAssist
  • [FDT-1533] Special vector declaration breaks
  • [FDT-1449] Flash Player Path and External SWF Viewer
  • [FDT-1037] FDT requires variables declared above function that uses them
  • [FDT-952] Spontanious terminations with Profiler
  • [FDT-1526] Creating a setter with quickfix creates wrong method signature
  • [FDT-1325] Setter snipet incorrect.
  • [FDT-1335] <s:NavigatorContent/> is selfclosed
  • [FDT-1353] Old viewer gets not killed
  • [FDT-1355] MXML Selfclosing Error's
  • [FDT-1396] Errors when starting FDT with open Dependency Visualizer views
  • [FDT-1401] Search of MXML compilation unit references broken
  • [FDT-1433] Private-Tag in FXG works only with lowercase letters
  • [FDT-1434] Eclipse welcomescreen shows old FDT icons after installing FDT as a plugin
  • [FDT-1445] NPE when project without valid SDK in workspace
  • [FDT-1495] Import needed for BitmapFIlter in Flex 4
  • [FDT-1469] FDT plugin update site missing in preconfigured update urls
  • [FDT-736] Compiler directives break syntax highlighting and organize imports
  • [FDT-1592] Unable To Create Namespace Files
  • [FDT-1620] Spelling error in Preferences FDT-EDitor-Typing pane
  • [FDT-670] Comment folding opens on organize imports
  • [FDT-1241] Formatter should not change horizontal scroll position of the editor
  • [FDT-1309] Opening Outline View With a file -Not- in a Source Folder causes error
  • [FDT-1326] Wrong Projekt Type displayed in "Set Project Type"
  • [FDT-1337] => selfclosed
  • [FDT-1400] Lexical Error when writing comments
  • [FDT-1446] In the New Flash Project Wizard the last character of a custom source folder name is not shown
  • [FDT-1470] Array Casting
  • [FDT-1627] Spelling error in right-click menu

FDT 4.0

Installation / Setup Changes

The Project Templates directory for OSX has been moved to 'User/Library/Application Support/FDT'


  • [FDT-873] - print margin should be disabled by default
  • [FDT-878] - "Run in same JRE" as default when running Ant
  • [FDT-1131] - No option for function return type white space in ActionScript Formatter
  • [FDT-1190] - Actionscript formatter indentation for oneliner expresions
  • [FDT-1191] - Settings folder should go in ~/Library/Application Support/
  • [FDT-1234] - Show Print Margin option should be off by default
  • [FDT-1244] - Remove compiler infos from incremental build
  • [FDT-1261] - Trial Mode
  • [FDT-1310] - Formatter setting for whitespace after if
  • [FDT-1311] - "Run Last Launched" activated by default

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-780] - FDT forgets settings after restart
  • [FDT-990] - Init outline throws error when closing editor
  • [FDT-1063] - Occurence marking marks whole file
  • [FDT-1082] - spelling mistake in Preferences > General > Keys
  • [FDT-1086] - Exception while opening project - restart of eclipse needed
  • [FDT-1102] - Installer Screen 2 (Choose Install Folder) UI bug
  • [FDT-1104] - "Path to SDK is invalid" upon initial install
  • [FDT-1132] - Formatter settings without initial values
  • [FDT-1151] - Add Linked Resources while Project Creating
  • [FDT-1159] - fdt icons and splash screen lost when updating
  • [FDT-1181] - Move refactoring does not update import statements in MXML <fx:Script> blocks
  • [FDT-1198] - autoformatter fails on post-increment operator
  • [FDT-1204] - AS Formatter: Auto-completion causes line breaks to be added
  • [FDT-1230] - FDT cannot bind and throws errors if event metadata type cannot be resolved and type is used in MXML
  • [FDT-1238] - FDT Font Library isn't creating SWC/SWF when hitting Create Library
  • [FDT-1239] - Formatter formattes badly if there is a certain syntax error in file - missing error recovery
  • [FDT-1240] - Show in Flash Explorer (F2) does not work for types within SWC
  • [FDT-1251] - Typo in preference page "MXML Formatter" tab "Tags" -> Algin should be Align
  • [FDT-1257] - Since RC1 all text inputs in ExternalSWFViewer are entered twice
  • [FDT-1267] - By pressing the "Create interface" icon within the iconbar an "Unhandled event loop exception" occurs
  • [FDT-1268] - cmd-R search not working
  • [FDT-1271] - Lables at search result view for MXML states is broken
  • [FDT-1277] - Script tag improperly created on auto completion
  • [FDT-1288] - FDT internal information is shipped to customers
  • [FDT-1289] - WelcomeScreen will connect to Logger
  • [FDT-1294] - Wrong error marker for non visual element in MXML
  • [FDT-1295] - Content of RichText component must not be formatted
  • [FDT-1304] - Run/Debug does not work anymore
  • [FDT-1307] - Strange Line across code
  • [FDT-1313] - Public vars in classes marked Bindable should count as interface implementations
  • [FDT-1314] - Autocompletion of classes in MXML script does not add related import
  • [FDT-1316] - Binding declaration as MXML element shown as error
  • [FDT-1321] - Two-way binding recognized as error
  • [FDT-1339] - Space In Project Name Prevents Open in Browser and ANT build

Known issues


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