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General Questions

What is FDT?

FDT is an IDE for ActionScript, MXML, and haXe development. Driven by own needs, FDT started out as an agency internal solution but soon became a popular editor.The smart features increase your productivity and coding comfort.

What’s new in FDT 5== First of all, FDT 5 is Freemium: there is a fully functional version of FDT 5 available for free. This is the perfect edition to test FDT and create smaller projects. In addition to that there are new features: New Welcome Screen, ASDoc Support, Mobile Support (iOS Android), haXe support, better refactoring (Extract Method, Extract Constant, Extract Local Variable, Convert Local Variable to Field), Merge AIR SDK.

Does FDT 5 still support AS2?

FDT 5 only supports ActionScript 3 projects. AS2 supports stopped after FDT 3.

What technologies is FDT good for?== With FDT you can develop ActionScript, MXML and HTML 5, JavaScript, WebGL, PHP (via haXe) as well as technologies for mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

What platforms can I develop applications for?

With FDT you can address Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, as well as iOS and Android.

What’s the difference between FDT Free and FDT Max?

FDT Free is a fully functional free edition of FDT 5. You can download it free of charge and use it for any smaller project. FDT Free is the perfect IDE for small projects or to give FDT a try without time constraints. FDT Max is the unrestricted edition for all your advanced projects. You can purchase FDT 5 Max here.

How do I explain my boss why I want FDT 5 Max?

You want to get FDT 5 Max but don’t know how to convince your boss? Think about mentioning how much time you save with the advanced code completion, the live error highlighting, and refactoring. You can explain how efficiently you can address several platforms using haXe. Note, that FDT is the only Flash IDE that runs on Linux. Explain how you can improve your productivity with the great variety of features.

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