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== <center>March</center> ==
== <center>March</center> ==
*Debugger, performance profiling
*Debugger, performance profiling

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Every Last Tuesday of the month at 9 to 10am (PST)

Join our next Live Broadcast FDT4 workshop. Register here to keep you informed on the latest activities.

The sessions will be contingent on the audience attending. Tell us what we should cover when you register.

You will learn how to use FDT or help getting started, while covering some of latest new features. This is also an opportunity to discuss code and best practices developing multi-target applications in ActionScript, Flex or haXe for the Desktop, Mobile and Web.

Most of all, this is also a great opportunity to ask any question directly to the FDT team and give us feedback.

The session will be live on ustream.tv

Here you can find the recordings of our past workshops:



  • Debugger, performance profiling
  • How we can make an air 2.6 app with FDT
  • How to set/reset system ProxyHost
  • Configuration for the developer environment, like themes
  • Setting up your project to work with multiple projects workflows, branchings, project vs. launcher specific compiler arguments
  • Working with external assets
  • Setting up remoting


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