Intro To haXe Development With FDT

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About FDT HaXe Support

HaXe is an open source and multiplatform programming language. Developed in collaboration with Powerflasher and supported by Influxis, the FDT haXe plugin provides developers a powerful tool for authoring the haXe multi-platform language. Our goal is to provide the best haXe coding experience and that it feels like coding in the AS2, AS3 or MXML editor of FDT: same shortcuts, same syntax coloring, same coding comfort. 


Wrap Up

That's it, you've successfully set up your first FDT haXe Flash project!

As this plugin is still a beta release, please bare with us! For any feedback, feature requests, improvements, bugs and other issues we encourage you to use PowerFlasher JIRA site, our community driven tracking website, to make the haXe support in FDT the greatest ever.

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