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Media Resource Page

Please choose your desiered resoloution:

FDT Logo (300dpi):

JPG media:FDT5_300dpi.jpg TIF JPG Greyscale media:FDT5_300dpi_greyscale.jpg TIF Greyscale

FDT 5 Logo 512pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_512_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_512_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_512_greyscale.png

FDT 5 Logo 800pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_800_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_800_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_800_greyscale.png

FDT 5 Logo 1024pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_1024_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_1024_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_1024_greyscale.png

FDT 5 logo horizontal

512pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_h_512_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_h_512_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_h_512_greyscale.png

800pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_h_800_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_h_800_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_h_800_greyscale.png

1024pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_h_1024_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_h_1024_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_h_1024_greyscale.png

512pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_v_512_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_v_512_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_v_512_greyscale.png

800pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_v_800_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_v_800_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_v_800_greyscale.png

1024pixel: Dark Background media:FDT5_v_1024_dbg.png Light Background media:FDT5_v_1024_lbg.png Greyscale media:FDT5_v_1024_greyscale.png

FDT 5 Banner: FDT 5 Banner 128 pixel media:FDT5_Banner_128.png FDT 5 Banner 128 pixel Greyscale media:FDT5_Banner_128_greyscale.png

FDT 5 Banner 256 pixel media:FDT5_Banner_256.png FDT 5 Banner 256 pixel Greyscale media:FDT5_Banner_256_greyscale.png

FDT 5 Banner 512 pixel media:FDT5_Banner_512.png FDT 5 Banner 512 pixel Greyscale media:FDT5_Banner_512_greyscale.png

FDT Wallpaper:

Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper 2

Higher resolution logos / banner / wallpaper may be requested via email.

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