Firstly, we wish you all a happy new year! And to have something good to begin the new year with, I’m already bringing great news on this very first day of 2010. There will be a major event at the University of Hawaii, which will be broadcasted online thanks to John Barrett and the Hawaii Flash User Group

Date and Time: January 6, 2010 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm Hawaii Time Zone. If you don’t live in hawaii, please check the time in your area

Michael will be presenting FDT not only to the eager community of Hawaii but in fact to the whole world via webcast.

John explained, “this is not a meeting to miss!” – showing that he is just as excited as we are. Taking every chance to show our appreciation, there will some special surprises at the end of the meeting!

Check out the event details here and follow the presentation online:

Again, Happy New Year!