FDT - the flexible development toolkit

FDT is a breaking-edge development environment. Create your applications in FDT and efficiently target multiple AIR platforms with ground-breaking AIR/Mobile support. Take advantage of powerful features and increase your productivity while at the same time enjoying your life as a developer with FDT’s advanced coding comfort.

Supported Platforms

  • Flash/Flex/Air
    FDT now offers all features to develop ActionScript and MXML like you have never experienced before. The IDE meets the needs of Flash/Flex developers by increasing their coding comfort while at the same time working more efficiently and time-saving on highly creative projects.
  • Mobile & AIR
    The new Mobile Support is exactly what you are looking for when developing applications for the Android or iOS platform. You as a developer can fully concentrate on coding and don’t have to struggle with questions on how to get your App to the device - FDT will do it!
  • HTML5/JS/PHP with Haxe
    Building powerful content for the web requires integrating different technologies. Haxe tackles the difficulty of juggling between different languages, editors and debugging tools by allowing developers to consolidate various target platforms into a single language code base.

The Editions

FDT Free
FDT Free is free of charge and the perfect editor for small projects or simply to give FDT a try without any time constraints. This edition is recommended for smaller projects. Free users benefit from FDT’s powerful features, most of which are applicable to your small sophisticated projects.

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FDT is the high-end IDE for all your advanced projects. It is the successor of FDT 4 Max, FDT 5 Max and will continue to be the unrestricted premium edition. Boost your productivity and save valuable time by using the latest features.

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Some of Our Features

AIR & Mobile Support
Flash on mobile devices has exploded over the last year. FDT now has a powerful workflow for developers who want to use AIR for iOS, Android (x86 & ARM), Desktop, and Blackberry.

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Advanced Refactoring
FDT now brings powerful refactoring as well as fast coding. We've added several, highly requested features such as Extract Method, Extract Constant, Extract Local Variable, Convert Local Variable to Field and Split Local Variable.
Availability: FDT   Free     Learn more
Maven/Flex Mojos Support
Use Maven repositories to setup your Flex Mojos projects. Dependencies to modules are resolved to allow usual Coding Comfort with FDT. Build, delpoy, and debug with Maven specifc launch configurations.
Availability: FDT   Free     Learn more
FDT SWF Bridge
FDT’s SWFBridge is a platform that allows developers to use Actionscript & Flex to create new features and to extend FDT's existing features.

Availability: FDT   Free     Learn more
ASDoc Support
Another highly requested feature we've added is ASDoc support. If your code is directly documented or is shipped as a 'Fat SWC', FDT now integrates the output into the editor and in a new view.

Availability: FDT   Free     Learn more
Haxe Support
FDT now has an integrated Haxe workflow. With features such as live error highlighting and customizable project templates, FDT is powerful for both beginning and experienced Haxe developers who want to target environments such as Flash, HTML5 and WebGL.
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Feature Overview & Availability

OS Support
Windows, OSX & Linux    
Advanced Debugger    
Font Library Creator    
Building & Launching
Optimized Project Compilation    
Apparat Integration    
Switchable Flex SDKs    
Version Control Support    
Pre and Post ANT Call for Application Launch    
Shareable Launchers    
Flex Unit Test Launcher    
Compiler Constant Management    
Compiler Argument Auto Completion    
Four Different SWF Viewers (External SWF Viewer, Adobe Flash Player, System Browser, AIR Debug Launcher)    
FDT ANT Tasks for Compilation, Debugging and Launching    
Launcher Chain Configuration    
Launch Config to ANT Exporter    
Command Line Handling    
Project Management
Configurable Project Templates and Types    
Creation Wizards    
Quick Explore    
Error Markers in Flash Explorer & Problem View    
SWC Browsing & Source Code Representation    
Automatic Library Folder    
SDK Source Attachement    
SWC Source Code Attachment    
Automated AIR SDK Merge    
Mobile Properties Manager    
Linking of External Source Folders    
Linking of External SWCs    
Project References    
Multiple Source Folders    
Maven/Flex Mojos support    
Platform Capabilities
Apache/Adobe Flex 3 & 4    
Apache FlexJS Compiler    
AIR for Android (ARM, x86), Blackberry, Desktop & iOS    
Code Templates    
Color Code Highlighter & Color Picker    
Live Error Highlighting    
Dead Code Detection    
Syntactic and Semantic Highlighting    
Advanced Code Completion (Context & Convention Based)    
Metadata Tag Code Completion    
Organize Imports    
Customizable Hotkeys    
Project Tasks (TODO, FIXME, ...)    
Outline View    
Jump to Declaration    
Open Resource    
Reference Search    
Quick Fixes    
Quick Assists    
Code Formatter    
Rename Refactoring (for Files, Types, Variables and Functions)    
Advanced Refactoring    
Change Function Signature Wizard    
Override/Implement Methods Wizard    
Fat SWC Support    
SWC ASDoc Support    
ASDoc Support    
Move Refactoring for Types    
Quick Type Hierarchy    
Quick Open Type    
Quick Type Dependency    
Quick Outline    
Surround With Quick Assist    
FdtStructure validation    

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