FlashCamp St.Louis kicks-off September 3rd and Powerflasher is proud to be a sponsor.

The full-day unconference will feature Flash, ActionScript and Flex/AIR sessions from a number of top industry experts on the Adobe Flash Platform.

We recently caught up with David Ortinau, who will speak at Flash Camp St. Louis,  and invited him for a chat about his upcoming session and convinced him to give our readers a sneak preview.

David Ortinau is a freelance web developer relying on the kindness of many friends to deliver his projects on time and with minimal blood-loss. He has been developing web applications for 15 yrs with internet startups, advertising agencies, and enterprise healthcare vendors. While the list of technologies he admits to knowing rapidly shrinks, he continues to work with Flash, .NET, Rails, and mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows).

FDT: Why did you chose the Managing and Using Assets topic?

David: It’s a common decision all developers need to make, and it’s something that should be of interest to both developers and designers. This is where the hand-off occurs with most assets, and interactivity has a significant impact on how those assets need to be provided and implemented. There are quite a few options and many developers I speak with only know and use 1 or 2.

FDT: Why should developers care about Managing and Using Assets in AS and Flex projects?

David: Filesize and performance are two good reasons. It all contributes to user experience. It’s not just a technical decision, but a creative decision that impacts pace and flow.

Developers often complain their designer counterparts vanish after the initial handoff. Often it’s because the designer’s ability to continue contributing to the project is hindered by the asset management strategy. If you use a strategy that allows the designer to continue accessing and manipulating files, then that’s a team win.

FDT: What will attendees see in your presentation that’s not shown in your sneak preview?

David: I’ll be featuring some real world scenarios from past projects. I’ll touch again on the screencast (not relive it) and discuss a variety of other options available such as bulk loaders, RSLs, and swfs with library loaders.

And for anyone that has never seen FDT in action, I’m gonna throw as much FDT-fu at them as I can. The first time anyone sees the code generation and templates at work in FDT, it’s absolutely mind blowing. I love tools that make me faster, better at getting to the end result.

FDT: Where can readers learn more about you?

David: You can find me on Twitter @davidortinau, and my blog.

FDT: Which technologies interest you most and why?

David: Mobile and touch, generally speaking, because of their growing ubiquity and capacity to change our lives; how we think and behave. These devices and experiences can be very persuasive and I’m intrigued by those possibilities. The whole human computer interaction field is fascinating.

FDT: Which sessions are you looking forward to seeing at Flash Camp STL?

David: It’s an amazing lineup this year; I could list all the speakers! I mean, look at this schedule.

Top to bottom there’s not a session I want to miss. I’m plan to geek out during sessions from Jeff Roberts on IoC concepts, and Ben Stucki with “The Art of Computer Science”. I always love a good usability discussion, which we’ll get with Danielle Cooley.

FDT: Any interesting side projects to promote?

David: Last year I launched White Paper Bible (whitepaperbible.org), which was my first big foray into Rails and iPhone development. It’s a personal, topical Bible tool.

My side projects this year have turned to business topics, which is embodied in 360Flex coming up Sept 19-22 in DC. I’m presenting 2 sessions that I’m very excited about: “How to Scale Your Freelance Business and Maximize Profit”, and “The Invaluable Freelance Flasher”. People can read more about that at my blog and 360flex.com.

Sneak Preview:

Use Flash Pro Assets in ActionScript and Flex Projects

Like what you see?

Do not miss David’s full session at Flash Camp St. Louis, September 3rd. In addition to great sessions, there will be plenty of giveaways (including FDT Pure licenses), swag, and lunch too!

Find David’s and other great screencasts on the Powerflasher FDT Screencast group on Vimeo.