Hi folks,

we have fixed the few bugs, tested it a thousand times and now we have done it: we released the new 3.1 version of FDT!!!!

You can download the new installer now from our website. There are really some nice new features. Also we fixed a lot of things you reported, so thank you for that!! Here are the additional features of the new version:

  • Shipped Flex SDK 3.1
  • Default Source Folder is created with a new project
  • You can now define a “Standard Output Folder” per project, where generated SWF files from the launcher are generated by default
  • FDT Intro Contribution
  • FDT Cheat Sheets
  • AIR Debug Launcher as SWF Viewer
  • AIR Release Launcher
  • SWC Outline view
  • QuickTrace (Ctrl+0/Command+0)
  • Launchers can now be started by selecting an editor or a file and pressing “Run” or “Debug”
  • New Launch Shortcut for AS3 Libraries (Run Project as AS3 Library)
  • User Documentation is updated for FDT 3.1
  • Better sorting of the autocompletion proposals
  • Better autocompletion behaviour after “new”, “extends” and “implements”

Here you can find a complete buglist that we fixed in this version: buglist

Check it out and tell us what you think!!