Advanced code formatter (AS3 + MXML)

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Format.png Default key binding: CMD+SHIFT+F (OSX ) or CTRL+SHIFT+F (Win)

Whenever a user invokes FDT’s code formatter ( via keystroke ), FDT will readjust formatting such as indentation, white space, braces and blank lines.

To set your own formatting scheme, open FDT’s preferences window and navigate to FDT>Code Style>ActionScript Formatter. Here adjustments can be made to the how the Code Formatter behaves as well as see a preview of the how code will be adjusted when the Code Formatter is invoked.

Project Specific Settings FDT also allows the formatter to have project specific settings. This is helpful when working in a team environment with predefined format settings.

Enable project specific formatting via the Project Properties Window. Open the window by right clicking on the target project and selecting “Properties”. Once here navigate to ActionScript Formatter and click on ‘Enable project specific settings’. When clicked, FDT’s ActionScript Formatter will appear.



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