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*[http://bugs.powerflasher.com/jira/browse/FDT-1699 [FDT-1699]] Autocomplete doesn't cancel.
*[http://bugs.powerflasher.com/jira/browse/FDT-1699 [FDT-1699]] Autocomplete doesn't cancel.
*[http://bugs.powerflasher.com/jira/browse/FDT-1677 [FDT-1677]] Desktop shortcut on Mac still says "FDT 4 Enterprise"
*[http://bugs.powerflasher.com/jira/browse/FDT-1677 [FDT-1677]] Desktop shortcut on Mac still says "FDT 4 Enterprise"
*[http://bugs.powerflasher.com/jira/browse/FDT-1706 [FDT-1706]] Embed metadata tags source unresolvable file reference, doesn't understand '/' as a root in the path"
=FDT 4.1=
=FDT 4.1=

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You can download the latest FDT here.

Our FAQ provides instructions on how to update FDT if already installed.


FDT 4.1.1

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-1699] Autocomplete doesn't cancel.
  • [FDT-1677] Desktop shortcut on Mac still says "FDT 4 Enterprise"
  • [FDT-1706] Embed metadata tags source unresolvable file reference, doesn't understand '/' as a root in the path"

FDT 4.1

New Features

  • Color Code Highlighter

Color viewer.png

  • Ant Exporter

Ant export.png

  • New Ant Task (loadProjectProperties)

New ant tasks edit.png

  • CamelCase Auto-completion

Camel case.png

  • Create XFL Files

My fla.png

  • Quick Fix: Create new MXML Class

Mxml qf.png

  • Quick Assist: Color Picker

Color picker.png

  • Quick Assist: Toggle Open and Close MXML tags

Open close.png

  • Quick Fix/Quick Assist switch
  • Metadata type auto-completion & move refactoring


  • [FDT-98] Linux version of FDT
  • [FDT-993] Quick Fix : Auto open/close MXML tags
  • [FDT-1246] Support for MXML attributes with type mx.core.IFactory
  • [FDT-1299] Auto-completion and binding for types in itemRenderer + skinClass
  • [FDT-1431] Build Number in About screen
  • [FDT-1460] Disable Beta Update Site per default
  • [FDT-1462] Auto-completion for type reference in Metadata
  • [FDT-274] Namespaces (xmlns) in MXML do not get updated on refactoring/renaming
  • [FDT-1528] Add an option to add new Adobe Air Launch arguments for devices
  • [FDT-1094] Organize imports doesn't work in mxml files.
  • [FDT-1298] Auto-completion for interfaces in MXML not working correctly
  • [FDT-1323] Quick Fix: Create new MXML
  • [FDT-1503] Show only 30 elements in Variables view when debugging
  • [FDT-1587] CamelCase completion for constants
  • [FDT-1574] Add autocomplete for state names in MXML 'Transition' tags
  • [FDT-1305] Be able to create new MXML Class under src folder
  • [FDT-1354] Position cursor inside of () when autocompleting Array.push() or Vector.push()
  • [FDT-1468] When creating a new project it should be automaticly expanded in the flash explorer
  • [FDT-237] Misleading confirmation message on "Organize Imports"

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-1549] fdt.launch.library without auto-add-classpath fails when set manually
  • [FDT-1343] Debugger does not highlight/follow lines in editor.
  • [FDT-1358] Plug-in repository errors on Windows
  • [FDT-1457] Weird problem with liked resources
  • [FDT-60] Conditional Compilation Warnings
  • [FDT-1278] Failure launching project on any Viewer
  • [FDT-1463] Hero SDK is not working
  • [FDT-955] Error at Full build / Error at Incremental build
  • [FDT-1318] FDT can't parse some SWCs
  • [FDT-890] Incompatible types string and string
  • [FDT-894] Problem with conditional operators in html text strings
  • [FDT-1194] Rename refactoring doesn't work for private class
  • [FDT-1236] Autoformat with Class Template
  • [FDT-1270] Importing a class outside of a package throws an error
  • [FDT-1275] Empty error description when launching missing launch config/deleted launch config not removed from launch history
  • [FDT-1283] Organize Imports, gets internal error
  • [FDT-1284] Error while refactoring a package containing 3 packages with several classes
  • [FDT-1312] Auto building workspace takes forever
  • [FDT-1324] memory Snapshot Exeption fault #2105
  • [FDT-1347] Extends MXML's missing namespaces
  • [FDT-1348] IVisualElement cast to IVisualElement
  • [FDT-1350] Creating font library swf issue: Class mx.core::FontAsset could not be found
  • [FDT-1363] Error on mx component stating that it is a non-visual element
  • [FDT-1365] Links in FDT are opened in Text Editor
  • [FDT-1375] When deleting an .swc file from the project it remains within the class path
  • [FDT-1376] Profiler unexpectedly terminates
  • [FDT-1386] Moving/Renaming Classes completely fails in FDT4
  • [FDT-1388] 400+ Threads and increase
  • [FDT-1391] Trouble compiling a Flex app from identical MXML files when not located in the workspace src vs a linked src path.
  • [FDT-1401] Refactor: Move doesn't work from folder A to folder B representing the same package.
  • [FDT-1403] Refactor: Rename doesn't work of private classes
  • [FDT-1404] Refactor: Move of packages doesn't work
  • [FDT-1405] Refactor: Move changes Reference to wrong Class
  • [FDT-1409] Search for reference not working with MXML
  • [FDT-1412] Renaming SWC's name that is in classpath does not updates com.powerflasher.fdt.classpath
  • [FDT-1418] Quickfix "Create setter" is error prone
  • [FDT-1419] Auto implement a method of Interface bug with default argument value
  • [FDT-1421] Auto-completion inside unclosed strings is completely broken
  • [FDT-1422] Profiler won’t connect to AIR Applications
  • [FDT-1428] SDKs get unzipped when creating a new project instead of during splashscreen
  • [FDT-1439] AC for interface within package does not work in implements tag
  • [FDT-1443] Parser doesn't parse curly brackets' content inside mx:Model correctly
  • [FDT-1466] MXML header error
  • [FDT-1474] CamelCase for any completions is broken
  • [FDT-1478] FDT crashes if imports should be organized for classes with wrong package paths
  • [FDT-1480] Comma separated variable declarations outside package declaration should parse
  • [FDT-1482] After update doesnt found the SA Flash Player Debug
  • [FDT-1506] Comments at specific positions in MXML cause wrong error marker
  • [FDT-1512] COMPC api fails to compile library if source pathes contains underscore
  • [FDT-1513] Impossible to use qoute in ANT library task
  • [FDT-1514] incompatible types dou to wrong import order
  • [FDT-1521] "Apply" button in compiler arguments inside the launch configuration won't get enabled when changing checkbox for "Auto add classpath to arguments"
  • [FDT-1522] {project} variable does not work when "auto add main class to arguments" in not used but main class is added manually
  • [FDT-1523] Metadata does not accept plain identifier as parameter
  • [FDT-1237] Organize Imports not working / throwing exceptions
  • [FDT-1476] Rename refactoring throws error when option "Enable working in linked libraries" is activated.
  • [FDT-1564] No Error/Warning for incorrect Embed source path
  • [FDT-1315] hostComponent not recognized in Spark skins
  • [FDT-1232] Allow cdata in Metadata
  • [FDT-1582] Color Picker should only occur for "0x[??]??????" or "#[??]??????" number forms
  • [FDT-1536] import flash.utils.getQualifiedClassName; in template causes Organize Imports to throw errors for future use
  • [FDT-972] Profiler does nothing, graps and live objects stay empty
  • [FDT-1545] Classname provided as setter
  • [FDT-1497] Not able to "Create new Flash Project" either from the pulldown menu, from Welcome screen or by right-clicking on the Flash Exlorer window.
  • [FDT-1588] New FLA file created from FDT (file/New/Fla) cannot be opened in Flash CS4/CS5 IDE
  • [FDT-1010] Profiler not working in FDT PlugIn version
  • [FDT-1613] CamelCase Auto Completion does not work any more
  • [FDT-1541] mssing package in generate font library as ActionScript
  • [FDT-1602] Limited debugging in Linux
  • [FDT-1612] Refactoring of packages fails
  • [FDT-1393] Missing AutoComplete in content Tag
  • [FDT-1588] Project Templates not showing up in FDT 4.1 (Beta)
  • [FDT-1595] Duplicate entries in Problems Preferences of MXML
  • [FDT-1597] getter in interface with arguments does not show an error
  • [FDT-1594] Quick Fix - Interfaces
  • [FDT-1591] conditional compilation: unable to define a string constant
  • [FDT-1413] Organize import error
  • [FDT-1569] Organize import (still) fails.
  • [FDT-1571] Changing type in LinkedUI when creating field/var always breaks for suggested types
  • [FDT-856] Organize imports adding empty line for each import
  • [FDT-1156] Organize imports fails in PureMVC classes
  • [FDT-1626] Organize imports from project explorer hangs FDT
  • [FDT-1535] Further editing is not allowed when I use the short cut Ctrl + Shift + D
  • [FDT-1540] NPE when using QuickAssist
  • [FDT-1533] Special vector declaration breaks
  • [FDT-1449] Flash Player Path and External SWF Viewer
  • [FDT-1037] FDT requires variables declared above function that uses them
  • [FDT-952] Spontanious terminations with Profiler
  • [FDT-1526] Creating a setter with quickfix creates wrong method signature
  • [FDT-1325] Setter snipet incorrect.
  • [FDT-1335] <s:NavigatorContent/> is selfclosed
  • [FDT-1353] Old viewer gets not killed
  • [FDT-1355] MXML Selfclosing Error's
  • [FDT-1396] Errors when starting FDT with open Dependency Visualizer views
  • [FDT-1401] Search of MXML compilation unit references broken
  • [FDT-1433] Private-Tag in FXG works only with lowercase letters
  • [FDT-1434] Eclipse welcomescreen shows old FDT icons after installing FDT as a plugin
  • [FDT-1445] NPE when project without valid SDK in workspace
  • [FDT-1495] Import needed for BitmapFIlter in Flex 4
  • [FDT-1469] FDT plugin update site missing in preconfigured update urls
  • [FDT-736] Compiler directives break syntax highlighting and organize imports
  • [FDT-1592] Unable To Create Namespace Files
  • [FDT-1620] Spelling error in Preferences FDT-EDitor-Typing pane
  • [FDT-670] Comment folding opens on organize imports
  • [FDT-1241] Formatter should not change horizontal scroll position of the editor
  • [FDT-1309] Opening Outline View With a file -Not- in a Source Folder causes error
  • [FDT-1326] Wrong Projekt Type displayed in "Set Project Type"
  • [FDT-1337] => selfclosed
  • [FDT-1400] Lexical Error when writing comments
  • [FDT-1446] In the New Flash Project Wizard the last character of a custom source folder name is not shown
  • [FDT-1470] Array Casting
  • [FDT-1627] Spelling error in right-click menu

FDT 4.0

Installation / Setup Changes

The Project Templates directory for OSX has been moved to 'User/Library/Application Support/FDT'


  • [FDT-873] - print margin should be disabled by default
  • [FDT-878] - "Run in same JRE" as default when running Ant
  • [FDT-1131] - No option for function return type white space in ActionScript Formatter
  • [FDT-1190] - Actionscript formatter indentation for oneliner expresions
  • [FDT-1191] - Settings folder should go in ~/Library/Application Support/
  • [FDT-1234] - Show Print Margin option should be off by default
  • [FDT-1244] - Remove compiler infos from incremental build
  • [FDT-1261] - Trial Mode
  • [FDT-1310] - Formatter setting for whitespace after if
  • [FDT-1311] - "Run Last Launched" activated by default

Bug Fixes

  • [FDT-780] - FDT forgets settings after restart
  • [FDT-990] - Init outline throws error when closing editor
  • [FDT-1063] - Occurence marking marks whole file
  • [FDT-1082] - spelling mistake in Preferences > General > Keys
  • [FDT-1086] - Exception while opening project - restart of eclipse needed
  • [FDT-1102] - Installer Screen 2 (Choose Install Folder) UI bug
  • [FDT-1104] - "Path to SDK is invalid" upon initial install
  • [FDT-1132] - Formatter settings without initial values
  • [FDT-1151] - Add Linked Resources while Project Creating
  • [FDT-1159] - fdt icons and splash screen lost when updating
  • [FDT-1181] - Move refactoring does not update import statements in MXML <fx:Script> blocks
  • [FDT-1198] - autoformatter fails on post-increment operator
  • [FDT-1204] - AS Formatter: Auto-completion causes line breaks to be added
  • [FDT-1230] - FDT cannot bind and throws errors if event metadata type cannot be resolved and type is used in MXML
  • [FDT-1238] - FDT Font Library isn't creating SWC/SWF when hitting Create Library
  • [FDT-1239] - Formatter formattes badly if there is a certain syntax error in file - missing error recovery
  • [FDT-1240] - Show in Flash Explorer (F2) does not work for types within SWC
  • [FDT-1251] - Typo in preference page "MXML Formatter" tab "Tags" -> Algin should be Align
  • [FDT-1257] - Since RC1 all text inputs in ExternalSWFViewer are entered twice
  • [FDT-1267] - By pressing the "Create interface" icon within the iconbar an "Unhandled event loop exception" occurs
  • [FDT-1268] - cmd-R search not working
  • [FDT-1271] - Lables at search result view for MXML states is broken
  • [FDT-1277] - Script tag improperly created on auto completion
  • [FDT-1288] - FDT internal information is shipped to customers
  • [FDT-1289] - WelcomeScreen will connect to Logger
  • [FDT-1294] - Wrong error marker for non visual element in MXML
  • [FDT-1295] - Content of RichText component must not be formatted
  • [FDT-1304] - Run/Debug does not work anymore
  • [FDT-1307] - Strange Line across code
  • [FDT-1313] - Public vars in classes marked Bindable should count as interface implementations
  • [FDT-1314] - Autocompletion of classes in MXML script does not add related import
  • [FDT-1316] - Binding declaration as MXML element shown as error
  • [FDT-1321] - Two-way binding recognized as error
  • [FDT-1339] - Space In Project Name Prevents Open in Browser and ANT build

Known issues


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