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FDT is a flexible development toolkit in Eclipse for interactive developers. It´s made with passion for expert Flash and Flex coding, innovative mobile development and versatile HTML5 / JavaScript / WebGL / PHP programming with haXe. Create your applications in FDT and efficiently target multiple platforms.

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  • FdtStructure

    FdtStructure: Verify XML Access by XSD In many applications XML files are used to provide user data. AS3 offers a simple loading and saving mechanism for XML and provides E4X as simple access method. This picture shows a simple example with typical usage of E4X: The E4X code has several warnings and is not verified […]

    October 5, 2015 by FDT Team
  • Bracket Region Indicator

    The enclosed region of brackets is present in the left vertical ruler: For easy navigation the cursor jumps to the opposite bracket with Ctrl-Shift-P (Cmd-Shift-P) The bracket highlight annotation is adjustable in the preferences:

    June 8, 2015 by FDT Team
  • AsDoc Hover Switch

    The AsDoc hover is presented for each Action Script element: In the preferences the AsDoc hover can be switched: AsDoc is always available via hyperlinking: In case Show AsDoc in hover is deactivated the AsDoc for each Action Script element is still available by pressing Ctrl+Alt (Alt+Cmd) and clicking the element in AS Source Editor

    June 8, 2015 by FDT Team

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  • Advanced Refactoring & FDT

    With FDT, the team has added powerful refactoring to your workflow. These refactorings have been integrated into our Quick Assist workflow, so you won't be slowed down at all – in fact you'll see how quickly you can restructure your code.

  • Basic AS3 Tutorial

    Creating AS3 projects has never been easier. FDT features powerful, customizable template management that is designed to help developers get up and running quickly.

  • Building Mobile Applications With FDT

    FDT now has a powerful mobile workflow. The team has put together a workflow that allows all flash developers to easily create and debug iOS and Android applications.

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