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FDT is a flexible development toolkit in Eclipse for interactive developers. It´s made with passion for expert Flash and Flex coding, innovative mobile development and versatile HTML5 / JavaScript / WebGL / PHP programming with haXe. Create your applications in FDT and efficiently target multiple platforms.

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  • Profiler Host/Port-Settings

    New settings for host and port of the FDT Profiler Handler:

    November 24, 2014 by FDT Team
  • Auto Completion: Eating Mode

    Sometimes it would be more convenient if the rest of already present text is erased like in this situation: After using the first completion proposal the result will be this.outerRectangleterSprite where terSprite has to be erased to access the field outerRectangle correctly. From now on the new eating mode is available by pressing Ctrl while […]

    November 24, 2014 by FDT Team
  • Debug: Reveal Variable

    Inside the debug hover window there is a new button to reveal the current selected variable inside the Variables view: Revealing a variable inside the variables view is also possible by hovering above an expression and pressing Alt while clicking left mouse button.

    November 24, 2014 by FDT Team

 Most popular entries

  • Advanced Refactoring & FDT

    With FDT, the team has added powerful refactoring to your workflow. These refactorings have been integrated into our Quick Assist workflow, so you won't be slowed down at all – in fact you'll see how quickly you can restructure your code.

  • Basic AS3 Tutorial

    Creating AS3 projects has never been easier. FDT features powerful, customizable template management that is designed to help developers get up and running quickly.

  • Building Mobile Applications With FDT

    FDT now has a powerful mobile workflow. The team has put together a workflow that allows all flash developers to easily create and debug iOS and Android applications.

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