We are excited to announce we’ve got Alan Klement as a great new Powerflasher joining the North American team today!

Alan in based in NYC, he will be evangelizing FDT while working for projects in the city that never sleeps !

1994, the year Netscape Navigator was released, is the year Alan began experimenting with web based languages. At the time, he was in middle school hacking around with C++ but the language did not excite him as much was what could be done with HTML and Javascript. In 2005, he jumped back into development when Actionscript 3 came to Flash.

Alan began using Powerflasher’s FDT in late 2008. He took to it immediately as the professional IDE that Flash Developers had been missing up to that point. He enjoyes experimenting and extending it’s features as well as building new ones.

You might have come across his blog or met Alan in person during the FDT workshop at FlashAndTheCity or FlashCamp Philadelphia

You can follow Alan on Twitter as @AlanKlement

Please welcome Alan to the Powerflasher Team!