FDT is built by Flash developers to support the needs of Flash developers!
And the FDT Product Design visuals are made by Flash developers too – in FDT4 of course!

We love the new FDT4 visuals and we love Flash. So we want to share with you the tool we´ve used to create this cool FDT4 visuals.

See how easily and quickly you can design your very own one of a kind wallpaper: 4 keys, one mouse, your inspiration.

Share your love on twitter or facebook, you are automatically in the lottery to win a FDT4 max licence.

Create your own FDT4 Wallpaper instructions:

Share/Save your FDT4 Wallpaper by clicking the following buttons. You will find this bar at the bottom of the page:

Have fun building your FDT4 wallpapers and be sure share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Go and play on http://www.fdt4.com/WallpaperCreator

We are looking forward to see your creations!