On a Friday, March 25th I asked on Twitter:

We had a lot of positive, creative and fun definitions of FDT, which made it very hard to choose one winner. Therefore we then posted the top 10 on our FDT Facebook Page for you to vote.

Also, considering the unexpected number of responses, we decided to declare three winners instead of only one. The three most voted answers are winning a FDT Pure license!

And the lucky ones …

N.1 @HelmEerieBlue with ‎”Fast Digital Technology”

‎N.2 @imarkahann with “First Divine Toolbox”

‎N.3 @suniljohn with “Fuel for Discerning Technophiles”

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me @BrunoFonzi with your full name and email to receive the well deserved prize.

Thank you for your participation and as usual … happy coding!