Developing mobile applications without being able to debug them can be a pain. Sometimes a good logger like SOSmax can do the job, but its also possible to use FDT’s debugger to debug your applications live on the device.

The only tweak that is needed is to add an additonal parameter when packaging your Android, Playbook or iOS application.

-connect "your computers ip"

Before the app starts up on the device, simply start the FDT debugger so it can listen for a connection to your device.

<fdt.startDebugger switchperspectiveonbreakpoint="true" projectname="Projectname"/>

When the application has launched it will connect to the debugger and you will be able to step through breakpoints and see traces in the console.

If there are any problems make sure your pc and device are part of the same network and your application was packaged in debug mode, means with one of the following arguments:

  • -target ipa-debug (iOS)
  • -target apk-debug (Android)
  • -devMode (BlackBerry Playbook)

Have fun.