We’re proud to officially announce FDT5 in October. A microsite will guide you to all details and news about it in the next weeks.

Just like the Internet evolves with new technologies, FDT continuously takes technological leaps. We are currently working hard on FDT 5 to bring you a whole new level of flexibility, power and comfort. New technologies, new editions, new features, new prices, and an awesome surprise will blow your mind. FDT 5 will be launched in October and we want to celebrate the news in four steps. Little by little we will show you more and more about the new version of FDT on our new HTML5 promotion site (created in FDT 5):


With FDT 5 we want to evolve the future as the most flexible development tool for interactive coders and game developers. Flash and Flex will still be the #1 technologies, but it will also focus on HTML5 / JavaScript / WebGL, PHP with Haxe and mobile and game development.

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@FDT5 release is announced for October and will focus additionally to AS3 & MXML on HTML5, JS, WebGL, PHP and more via @FDThaXe

Get thrilled for the new FDT and stay tuned!