Since last year’s FDT 4 launch, we released five free major updates. With FDT 5 we want to start something even bigger, go further and become technology-independend. Flash and Flex will still be the #1 technologies to go with FDT but with haXe it will also focus on HTML 5, JavaScript, WebGL, PHP as well as technologies for mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

While developing FDT, we realized that the number of editions needed to be reduced. We have taken community feedback and switched to a simple model: With FDT 5 we will introduce FDT Free.

FDT Free is going to replace Pure and Plus and be available for free.

The premium version of FDT is going to stay and still be called FDT Max. FDT Max will not only gain in features, we also decided to reduce the price. As of now FDT will be available for just 499€.

The exact featureset of the versions will be announced with the release. So stay tuned until our next announcement…

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2nd step of @FDT 5 announcement online introducing FDT Free! FDT Max is more affordable as well