Bracket/Source Hover

In some situations it is hard to guess which blocks are closed by curly braces:brackethoverneedBy hovering over the curly brace in line 26 the full block is shown in a popup:brackethovershowsmethod

Some lines of large blocks are skipped but the head is always visible:brackethovershowsclassThe popup shows the class block on hovering over curly brace in line 44.

The source hover is shown on hovering over a reference with pressed shift key:sourcehoverHere the definition of class Term is shown in the popup on hovering over the superclass reference Term of class Application.


AsDoc view shows (inherited) interfaces

Inside the AsDoc view all interfaces are listed now:asdocinheritedinterfacesThe interface list contains direct interfaces and their ancestors. The interface IBitmapDrawable is the ancestor of interface IDeferredContentOwner so it is listed, too. The inherited interfaces are all interface of the superclass with their ancestors.