For more than a year Interactive Pioneers is developing the user interface of a self-driving car with the help of Adobe AIR technologies in context of an innovation project.

The first milestone was recently reached and an autonomous car was successfully tested in road traffic.

Our agency’s task is the ‚Human Machine Interface‘ development and connected light, audio and input control. Our mission is to provide information about the sensors as efficiently as possible. Operation should be as easy and intuitive as possible.

“The car is already able to drive autonomous quite good, but if the driver is not informed well enough, he won’t trust the car and might not be able to give control away, this can lead to dangerous intervention by the driver” Carlo Matic, CEO of Interactive Pioneers.

Different applications, like navigation, cameras for detection of environmental data as well as sensors exchange their data via the car’s standard CAN-Bus and will be processed in real time by the HMI. Elaborately designed 3D-views, which can be freely chosen by the driver, can be used to display close-by cars, read out navigation data and automatically show areas which can be driven automatically.

Various meta-information, like the driver‘s perspective for example, will be processed as well and visualised via LED-installments.

Chief developer at Interactive Pioneers for this project, Marvin Blase: “Adobe AIR works excellent for developing a HMI, since a seamless development can be realized, starting from graphic ideas to a final working application.”

Thanks to Actionscript 3 the application architecture can be developed in clean object-oriented sourcecode with professional developer tools like Powerflasher FDT, making use of continuous integration and Unittests.

For performance oriented processes Native Extensions were developed, unless there were native Adobe AIR components available.

Interaction between the driver and HMI is achieved with the help of a ‘SpaceMouse’, an input device that moves in three axes, which is implemented and processed via a native Adobe AIR component. Communication between the components within the system itself takes place over TCP/UDP and specifically developed Middlewares, for example to read out the steering angle and forward it to the HMI.

This advanced project uses the strength of Adobe AIR and will do so in the future.

Interactive Pioneers is looking for enthusiastic Actionscript 3 developers for ongoing development.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to