Today the FDT team has released FDT 4.2. A free update for existing FDT4 customers.
Along with various improvements and bug fixes, our two biggest features are configurable Project Templates and the Auto Library Folder.

Here some of the additional improvement you have asked we have included with this release:

  • 64-Bit support.
  • Eclipse 3.6 (Helios).
  • Option to trigger code assist on every keystroke.
  • Hierarchical view is default for Flash Explorer.
  • Add Linked Libraries with the FDT project template system.
  • Post ANT file for Project Templates.
  • Project Templates with Variables.
  • Show Warning in Welcome Screen if no Debug Player available.

For more info, read our Release Notes.

During this week, we’ll be providing more tutorials on Project Templates and sharing those developed by the community on

Check out our FAQ on how to download an update.